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Certainty of Subject Matter

Certainty of Subject Matter Certainty of Subject Matter Essay For a trust to be valid it must satisfy the three certainties: one of these being certainty of subject matter. The trust property must be described in such a way that it becomes certain and ascertainable. The justification for this is that a trustee can only

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Secret Trusts Essay

Secret Trusts Essay   “Fully explain and analyse the law relating to secret and half secret trusts and critically evaluate the following statement:    ‘The enforcement of secret and half secret trusts demonstrates the equitable principle that statute and common law shall not be used as an engine of fraud and illustrates the willingness of

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Private Purpose Trust

A trust for a purpose that will benefit the public is generally considered a charitable trust. However, trusts are sometimes created for a private purpose. These are called private purpose trusts or trusts of imperfect obligation. They have been described by Matthews as ‘non-owned vehicles’.[i]  Many of these trusts fail because of a lack of

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