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  1. First

    – Chris starts a law degree after a career in recruitment.
    – Chris starts a law degree after a career in recruitment.

  2. Second

    – Chris graduates 1st in the order of merit for his LLB (Hons) Law. 17 of 18 modules at 1st class including 88% on his law dissertation.

    – Chris is awarded the prestigious MacQuitty Scholarship in 2013 to study his LLM.

  3. Third

    – Graduates with a distinction on the LLM including 80% in his dissertation.

    – Awarded full funding for a PhD and begins PhD research.

  4. Fourth

    – Begins tutoring 5 law students on the LLB.

  5. Fifth

    – Begins teaching law at university level at two top universities.

    – Receives Teaching Award for commitment to student experience and employability.

  6. Sixth

    – Increases his law tutee profile to 18 students covering LLB, GDL, LLM, Cilex, and A-level.

    – Visiting lecturer at leading private UK law school.

  7. Seventh

    – Increases tutees to 29 students including LNAT, dissertation and JD students. Establishes his own private tutoring company to provide ‘law, for law students’.



I provide expert law tutoring for law students. I cover tutoring for A-level/A2, LLB, GDL, LLM, Cilex, LNAT and Law PhD Help (Year 1). Sessions can be face-to-face or online. They can be used for law coursework help, exam help, revision of difficult topics, legal skills, essay skills and more. One off classes or longer term available. A great service for exam preparation, coursework or resits. If you are looking a law tutor who can help you excel on your law degree, then get in touch today.


I can provide private law tutoring to groups of up to 5. I can assist with covering the legal principles for an exam, for coursework or for legal skills such as preparing for exams, coursework or your dissertation. Groups of 2-5 get a discount of 30% per person per hour. As an experienced law tutor, I have worked with groups of law students to prepare them for exams. All of my seminars and group workshops have been highly rated. I am able to help with group classes throughout the UK including in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Belfast, Newcastle and other location.


An experienced law tutor who can provide support and guidance to you as you research and write your law dissertation. I can provide advice on topics to pick which are original and interesting. I can help you create a structure for each chapter. I can then mark drafts and give extensive feedback. I will also get your work second marked so you can be sure the work is an excellent standard. The outcome being that the work you submit is greatly enhanced and you will receive a high mark. I have helped 28 students in the last two years and all have received a 1st class or distinction for their dissertations. If you need law dissertation help get in touch now.


One of the most popular services I provide as a law tutor. I can proofread, mark and provide a detailed report on how to improve law essays, law coursework and law dissertations. I will assess your work by looking at content, structure, analysis, presentation and overall impression. I will provide a bespoke report which will result in a higher mark for you. I will also provide detailed on page annotations to show you exactly how to improve your work and score the high grades you want. You can expect to boost your mark by 10-20% with this law essay help service. Can be used for coursework or law exam preparation.

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“Chris helped with a difficult contract law coursework. I did not understand consideration and third-party rights. He broke the topics down for me. He is very visual and creates helpful diagrams on the whiteboard. I came to get help with contract law, but he also provided me with key advice and learning about how to structure exam answers. I will be returning to get help in my final year. Thanks for being a great law tutor.”


“I was let down by a law tutor for exam resits. Chris stepped in to help me. I could not have asked for more. We covered land law and equity in 5 half days. I knew the topics inside out. It was a shame that my mark was capped at 40 as I scored 75. I would not have been able to do that without Chris’s help. Chris is the real deal. He tutors law in a way that works for law students like me. Thanks Chris!”


“I was given almost no support for my law dissertation at University. My primary supervisor was off sick and was never replaced. I found it difficult to get meaningful help. Chris helped me refine my dissertation topic, so it was more precise and critical. We then worked for a half day in getting a structure together. He was there by email, call and Skype if I needed advice. He marked my drafts and give impressive feedback. I would not have got a first in my dissertation without his help. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris as a law tutor for law students.”


“I was studying contract law, tort, equity and land. I only had a few days to prepare for exams. I searched for several law tutors but was impressed with Chris’s experience. We developed a revision plan and scheduled classes. Chris was able to take me for online and face to face classes – often with very little notice. Chris made my revision easier. I understood my modules much better as a result of his help. Friendly and extremely effective. An excellent tutor for law students”


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