I struggled with my law dissertation. I did not know what an 'original topic' was. I did not understand how to structure the chapters. Chris showed me exactly what I needed to do to do well. I received a higher grade than I was expecting.

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Why Me?

  • 18 out of 18 law degree modules at first class level. 10 of 18 at 80 or above. Dissertation at 88%.
  • Distinction on the LLM. Dissertation at 80%.
  • Fully funded PhD
  • 5 years' experience of dissertation tutoring. 3 years' experience of lecturing at top UK universities
  • Sole UK recipient of James MacQuitty QC Scholarship in 2014/2015
  • Teaching Award Champion (voted for students) in 2015
  • 9 out of 10 students rate my tutoring as excellent or outstanding
  • 150+ law dissertation students helped to 1st class grades.

Mr Christopher Mallon LLB., LLM. MBA, PhD (Cand)

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Chris showed me how to complete a literature review for my dissertation. He showed me how to split it into themes and ensure recent and relevant literature was included. I was then able to use it to start my analysis. A great help.

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My Services

  • Dissertation tutoring: classes on the topic
  • Dissertation marking: marking drafts and giving extensive feedback on how to improve.
  • Dissertation proposals: help with proposals to ensure you have a 1st class grade and an original topic
  • Dissertation plans: clear structure and strategy to get your dissertation done
  • Dissertation writing help: tips and help with the writing process.
  • Editing and proofreading and improving academic style

My supervisor was not responding to emails. I was constantly told I just had to do the work. Christopher showed me how to find a topic using the Supreme Court website. I received a high distinction and I am delighted.

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  • Lawful act economic duress in the Supreme Court: a missed opportunity
  • Unfair dismissal: time to reform the band of reasonable responses test
  • The UK Supreme Court: an analysis of judicial deference in commercial law cases
  • The impact of the HRA 1998 on prisoners with a disability